Adobe Dam Family Golf Center


Welcome to “The Best Little Course by a Dam Site” and the greatest game on earth!

Our facility was designed with you in mind. This is a great place for you to learn to golf without many of the barriers that exist at most golf courses. We hope you enjoy our relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere while learning this great game.

Please keep in mind that while we are a facility that is perfect for your initial learning experience, we trust that you will adhere to the common courtesies, etiquette and general overall spirit that golf traditions have displayed for hundreds of years. These nuances include but are not limited to rules, etiquette behavior, attire and the like.

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If you have questions regarding these nuances we suggest books on golf sold in the pro shop or found at your local library or feel free to contact a member of our professional staff.

When playing our course please be aware of the group ahead of you and behind you so as to keep a proper pace of play. Always let faster paced groups “play through” when appropriate.

Though we encourage youngsters to golf we don’t encourage non golfers to walk the course as spectators. We have an Executive Golf Course, which by definition means that our facility has small confines. When beginning golfers are added to the compact spaces, stray shots are of concern.

Enjoy our facility and don’t hesitate to ask at our Pro-Shop Counter if you have any questions regarding these matters.

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